Power generation glass

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Power generation glass

Power generation glass is actually a glass curtain wall or glass daylighting roof used in buildings, but the glass products inside have been replaced with photovoltaic modules, which are both power generation devices and part of the building's peripheral structure,   Glass product .


• Meet the requirements of architectural aesthetics: junction boxes, bypass diodes, connecting wires, etc. can be hidden in the curtain wall structure through relevant designs, which can prevent direct sunlight and rainwater erosion without affecting the appearance of the building, achieving a perfect combination with the building;

Meeting the lighting needs of buildings: Double sided glass components made of smooth ultra white tempered glass can achieve specific transmittance through adjustment, even in the sightseeing area of the building to meet the requirements of light transparency. It should be noted that the higher the transmittance of photovoltaic modules, the thinner the arrangement of battery cells, and the lower their power generation;

High safety: The thickness of tempered glass used in power generation glass meets national and curtain wall industry standards, while the PVB film in the middle of the component has good adhesion, toughness, and elasticity, which can prevent the penetration of impact objects. Even if the glass is damaged, the fragments will firmly adhere to the PVB film and will not fall off and harm people;

Long service life: The PVB film used in power generation glass has characteristics of transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, and high mechanical strength, and has been widely used in the production of laminated glass for buildings. It does not turn yellow and can achieve the same lifespan as buildings;

Green and environmentally friendly: Utilizing natural solar energy for power generation, saving energy and avoiding pollution.

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