What are the benefits of glass cutlery that everyone likes?

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What are the benefits of glass cutlery that everyone likes?

Since ancient times, there have been examples of using glass tableware in human history, especially abroad, which is very popular. With the continuous collision and integration of Chinese and Western cultures, Chinese people who prefer porcelain have gradually begun to use crystal clear glass tableware. So what are the benefits of using glass tableware and what glass is it made of,Glass product   ?

1、 What material of glass is used for glass tableware?

Glass tableware is usually made of high borosilicate glass, which is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance, and high chemical stability. No toxic side effects, excellent fire resistance, water resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. This type of high borosilicate glass is not only used in kitchen utensils and tableware, but also has its presence in the fields of chemistry, industry, and aerospace.

2、 What are the benefits of glass cutlery?

1. Stable performance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and fire resistance. Microwave ovens, ovens, and other heating tools can be used, and can accept sudden hot and cold environments, without worrying about explosion accidents, and will never deform. At present, there are also glass pots that can be directly heated on an open flame;

2. The material is safe and free from harmful substances. Can confidently hold food, even if heated at high temperatures, there is no need to worry;

3. Wear resistance. Long term use will not cause scratches, making it easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing;

4. No residual odor. There will never be any food odor or color left on the tableware made of Gaopeng silicon glass material, which is also convenient for cleaning and more safe and hygienic;

5. Exquisite appearance. The commonly used glass tableware nowadays is fully transparent, which can easily identify the contents inside, making it particularly beautiful and convenient for storage in refrigerators. Moreover, there are many possibilities for glass materials themselves, and currently there are also glass tableware with exquisite patterns to choose from.

Glass tableware has many advantages and has been favored by many people. During the epidemic, it has also become the best choice for office workers to bring their own lunch. However, when selecting glass preservation boxes, it is important to purchase legitimate and qualified tableware, and pay attention to the quality of sealing strips and lids.

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