And get its benefits

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And get its benefits

Daily Classic Cocktail - Daiquiri

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When it comes to benefits, we first think of Hemingway, a great writer! So what's the magic of the Deqili wine that makes the great literary giant so obsessed? I think you can understand only if you try it yourself, glass cookware    !
The name "Daiquiri" originated from the name of a mine in the suburb of "Sachisigo" in Cuba. It is recorded that at the end of the 19th century, people working here were devastated by the heat, so many people were ill. An American engineer, with the help of local aborigines, made a summer drink with Cuban rum, white granulated sugar and lime. Unexpectedly, the workers recovered quickly after drinking it, When they asked what the engineer gave them to drink? The engineer named the mine after it. Therefore, it has the meaning of "tall mountain" to gain profits! (The story is for reference only!)
Deqili formula:
White rum: 45-60ml
White syrup: 20-30ml
Fresh lemon juice: 20-30ml
1. Prepare the raw materials and wine glasses required in the formula
2. Add rum, lemon juice and white syrup to the schoker pot in turn
3. Stir well with a bar spoon and try to balance the sweet and sour
4. Add ice, cover the skittle tightly, shake it quickly for 10 seconds
5. Pour it into a pre chilled glass
6. Decorate with lemon peel or lemon horn
Hemingway can not do without his benefits. At the same time, Hemingway has made great contributions to the development of his benefits! Such a glass of wine is worth having!


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