Colin Cup

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Colin Cup

Capacity: 300 mL-410 mL
Applicable Cocktails: Tom Collins, Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail and French 75, etc.
The Colin cup is very similar to the highball glass. The body of the cup is also cylindrical, generally thin and long, but the collin cup is narrower and longer than the highball cup, a bit like a chimney or a glass lampshade, glass cookware    .

Colin cups, also known as tall cups and chimney cups, are commonly divided into British and American cups with slender flat bottoms.

Collin's glass, also known as tall cup, is a tall cylinder. Use for simple drinks such as whisky and soda or gin and juice, or for kalin cocktails. It can also be used to hold fruit juice or soft drinks. The capacity is 240-360 ml, and the taller one is called a chimney cup.
Commonly divided into British and American cup-shaped slender flat bottoms.

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