After drinking so many years of wine, can't you choose a glass?

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It is often said that drinking is about emotion,glass cookware, especially drinking red wine. The sumptuous dishes under candlelight are paired with a few mouthfuls of fine wine, and life suddenly becomes quiet, warm, and stylish.
 Drinking red wine naturally requires a wine glass, and a red wine glass is also a symbol of a person's taste. Sometimes, a small shot glass can even affect the taste of the wine.

Choosing the right wine glass can make a good bottle of wine icing on the cake, but choosing the wrong wine glass is superfluous. Today, Azhuo will talk to you about the common red wine glasses in life.

#Some common red wine glasses in life#

What are the common red wine glasses

The ISO wine glass is also our commonly used international standard wine tasting glass. Its moderate size makes it easy to shake the glass while gathering the aroma of the wine. It is suitable for various styles of red, white and rosé wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines.

ISO wine glasses can objectively show the color, aroma and flavor of a wine, so that tasters can make a fair assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the wine.

Because of this, ISO is the preferred wine glass for many professional tasting sessions and wine training activities. In daily wine tasting activities, the ISO glass is also a well-established and error-prone choice.

As the most used wine glass for drinking red wine, the Bordeaux glass is very popular for its unique design features. Because Bordeaux red wine is sour and astringent, it requires a tulip cup with a long glass body and a not very vertical wall.

The curvature of the cup wall can effectively adjust the diffusion direction of the wine in the mouth, and the wider cup mouth can better adapt to the gradual wine aroma of Bordeaux.

 Its characteristic is that its cup mouth taper is relatively small, and it can retain most of the wine aroma when drinking wine, which is suitable for wine tasting. In a Bordeaux glass, the wine directly touches the middle and rear of the tongue when it is mouthed, emphasizing the tannins (bitterness) while achieving a good balance of sweetness and acidity.

Therefore, the Bordeaux glass is generally suitable for drinking full-bodied red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Bordeaux-style red wines.

Burgundy red wines are weaker in tannins, lighter in body and more fruity, so the wine glasses produced according to the characteristics of this wine are naturally different.

Compared with a Bordeaux wine glass, the Burgundy wine glass has a shallower mouth and a larger diameter, because the spherical shape of its belly can just guide the wine from the tip of the tongue to achieve a full blend of fruity and sour flavors; The narrowed mouth can better concentrate the potential aroma of Burgundy red wine.

 This glass is suitable for drinking light or medium-bodied red wines such as Pinot Noir.

The belly and mouth of the white wine glass are smaller than those of the red wine glass, so that the aroma of the wine is easy to gather, and the aroma will not dissipate too quickly.

 Most white wines have fresh fruity aromas, such as Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, which are strong but easily dissipated.
When you are raising your glass to drink, the long "nose" of a white wine glass—that is, the part from the "belly" to the rim of the glass—is like a road, which can directly guide the aroma of the wine in the glass. your nose.

There are two main types of champagne glasses: small champagne glasses and large champagne glasses. The difference between these two glasses is not as simple as the size.

 The shape of the small champagne glass is slender, which minimizes the contact area between the wine and the air, thereby prolonging the residence time of the bubbles, which makes the champagne more delicious.

The large champagne glass is relatively large and suitable for champagne glasses with a long age. Use it to gently "shake" the wine in the glass, and the aroma will slowly come out.

The dessert wine glass is suitable for all kinds of sweet wines, such as port wine, noble rot sweet wine, ice wine and sweet sherry.

Considering the high sugar content of sweet wine and the fact that it is usually consumed after a meal, dessert wine glasses are much smaller and narrower than other types of wine glasses.
In addition, such a small cup is also conducive to condensing the aroma of the wine, so that the taster can better feel the charming aroma and sweet taste of the wine.

How to choose a wine glass?

There are so many red wine glasses, so how should we choose when we drink?

 In fact, no matter what kind of wine glass it is, the selection criteria are all integrated. Good wine glasses will have similarities in material, shape and characteristics, so it is not difficult to choose a good wine glass when buying wine glasses.

Generally speaking, there are four principles for glass selection. Remember these four points, even if you are not a professional, you can buy a good wine glass.

Principle 1: Transparent materials. The material of the wine glass should be smooth and transparent, because the first step in wine tasting is to look at the color of the wine, which can help us understand the variety and age of the wine grapes.

Principle 2: The size of the cup belly. The belly of the glass should be large enough to shake the glass without spilling the wine, as the shaker can help release the aromas in the wine.

Principle three: goblet. One of the reasons for choosing a goblet is to avoid the fingerprints on the belly of the glass from affecting the observation of the color of the wine. Also, since wine is extremely temperature-sensitive, pinching the feet or bottom of the goblet prevents body temperature from affecting the wine's temperature, which in turn affects the wine's taste.

Principle 4: The shape of the cup belly. Standard wine glasses are tapered, that is, the opening is smaller than the belly, because this shape is conducive to the concentration of wine aroma.

Remember these points to ensure that you will not get lost on the way to choose a wine glass~

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