What aspects are related to the price of glass bottles?

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What aspects are related to the price of glass bottles? The price of glass bottles is different because it is divided into different specifications and models, even the same product is different, so the price of glass bottles is different. So, what actually makes the decision,glass pot with lid ?
1. The types of corks are different, and the prices are different. Do many people say that small vial stoppers are also so harmful? The answer is no doubt. The bottle stopper mainly has the function of sealing. The bottle stopper types are plastic bottle caps, glass caps, aluminum caps and aluminum-plastic fusion caps according to the material. Plastic bottle caps are divided into three groups of caps, five groups and seven groups according to the structure, and are divided into casting, spraying, electroplating, UV, water plating, etc. The cover is divided into solid core glass cover and hollow glass cover. Different bottle stopper materials and production prices are different, the airtightness is also different, the cost is different, and the finished products will naturally be different.
2, materials, specifications and models are not the same, the price is not the same. For example, wine bottles are divided into high white, crystal white, plain white, and milky white bottles and colorful bottles, which bottles are used for which wines, such as Maotai, many use milky white wine bottles, pure grain wines use fully transparent glass wine bottles, red wine and wine Use colored glass bottles. The adoption is carried out in accordance with the actual application requirements and regulations, and the specific application specifications and methods are carried out clearly, which can sufficiently present certain characteristics and advantages.
3. The total number of purchases is different, and the price is different. It is self-evident. Buying several, dozens, and countless prices is different. The lower the price, the more expensive it is, which is equal to wholesale and retail. For companies with a large amount of purchases, there are generally additional special rebates, and long-term cooperation has been completed.
4. The quality of glass bottles is different, and the price is different. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for", which includes the material, thickness, refractive index, thermal stress, durability and other index values ​​of the glass. Quality detail, durability, and specifications are different, and the quality of manufactured glass bottles will be different.
5. Different manufacturers have different prices. Different glass bottle manufacturers use different machines and equipment, production processes, design methods, etc., and the price of goods is also different. You can compare more in the case of purchase, and choose a suitable manufacturer according to your own requirements.
Above are several factors that affect the price of glass bottles. In fact, good glass bottle manufacturers all adhere to the standard of "high quality and low price". If a company wants to develop a long-term trend, it cannot look at the current small profits and put itself Good products are important.

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